Service number: 800-582-8732.

Our technical support team are ready to help with their years of field experience in repair and installation.  Most service issues can be resolved over the phone.  When needed, our large resource of field technicians and installers can respond to your need in a timely fashion.

Our field technicians and installers have been certified at our training center in Ocala, Florida.  For facilities interested in service training, we can provide it onsite or in Ocala.

100% of all new facility installations are done by in-house installers.

Education and Training

Barrier Free has been providing SPH and Mobility education for over 20 years. We offer training and consulting on all products.  More importantly, training is designed to provide facilities and staff that have committed to improve patient outcomes and lower injuries to caregivers with sustainable processes. We will evaluate data and processes to assess the current needs or status of a SPH program to generate comprehensive strategies, targeting areas of improvement.  Our goal is creating a confident staff that feels competent and efficient in using SPH practices and recognizes the benefits for both the patient and themselves, resulting in consistency of care and safety.

Design Support

Barrier free will support you during site planning, design, construction, and installation phases.  With an unlimited number of track configurations that can be designed, let our 30 years of experience streamline the process and provide the best solution.  The ceiling lift system will be an integral part of the room for years to come.  Our design team and lift consultant will ensure an esthetic look and maximize the system’s clinical benefits.  Our construction management staff will be onsite during final planning and installation.  Large or small projects get the same attention.  Every system bears our name and demonstrates our commitment to improving lives.  We look forward to working with you on your next project.