Ambulation systems

There are an unlimited number of configurations that can be designed to utilize all the equipment in your therapy space. Some will allow 95%+ coverage of the area.  These systems can accommodate multiple patients at one time.  There are many other therapy tasks that a lift system can assist with besides ambulation.  Lift systems within patient rooms can be utilized for many of the same tasks.  All therapies can be started earlier with the assistance of a lift system.  Some examples are balance while sitting (bedside, mat, floor, chair, ball) or rolling initiation, side-lying functional tasks, sit-to -stand/stand-to-sit, transition postures, stand balance, weight shifting, gait, unweight, and more.  There are multiple sling options to choose from to assist with these task such as full body, midback, turning, limb lifters, walking slings, and walking pants.  Barrier Free has free standing system options if a fixed system cannot be installed.  Barrier Free will work with you to find the solution that works best for your facility at no cost.


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