A multi-talent for careful transfers of patients

The LEXA PRO patient lift is an absolute multi-talent among lifts.  It is specially designed and balanced, so caregivers exert minimal effort when transferring patients near it’s 600lbs weight capacity.  Ready for any task, it easily lifts patients from sitting, lying, or from the floor and moves them gently and comfortably to the toilet, wheelchair, or to bed. The sway-free transport conveys a feeling of security.  The lift is available with a wide variety of slings and swivel hanger options; it can be used both with loop slings or with 4-point clip connectors.

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  • Optional power patient positioner with clips
  • 4 point loop hanger
  • Power leg spreadable base
  • 2 locking casters
  • Lifting capacity up to 600 pounds (lbs.)
  • Backup controls