Unilift PRO

Next Generation In Ceiling Lifts

The Unilift PRO will pay for itself more times over during its life time.  A rugged lift coupled with advanced technology.  The Unilift PRO introduces a medical grade PDA.  The lift can be controlled using the standard hand control or with the PDA.  Compliance and service data can be gathered wirelessly and can also be loaded onto the PDA and printed.  The internal medical grade scale is displayed on the PDA and on the lift’s large LCD screen.  The lift’s weight capacity can range anywhere between 600lbs to 1100lbs.  A blue ambient light on the top of hoist comes on when the lift is in use.

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  • Integrated scale
  • Steel intern parts, no plastic gears
  • Lifting capacity 600 up to 1,100 lbs.
  • Programmable lifting speeds
  • PDA handset or wired hand control
  • Downloadable/printable compliance software
  • Down loadable/printable service software
  • Integrated lift color display
  • Multiple spreader bar options or –
  • -Electronic Patient Positioner
  • Approved for use in humid surroundings
  • Horizontal drive motor
  • Soft start/stop function
  • Quick Release hanger Bar
  • Permanent Charged rail

8 function Medical PDA

Used as a hand control, read data, remote download.

  • 5’’ high resolution touch screen
  • Anti-bacterial material
  • Readable and downloadable compliance data
  • Readable and downloadable service data
  • Wet hands operating is available
  • Charging station