Standing & Transfer Aid RAISA PRO

Designed for a safe and comfortable standing and transfers experience for patients and caregivers.

The RAISA PRO active lift facilitates straight, completely relaxed standing, as well as pleasant transport over longer distances.  The RAISA PRO is the first standing aid with a three-function power base.  The unit provides power legs and features the one of a kind powered adjustable knee supports.  The powered knee supports ensures proper knee placement, without the need for manual adjustments.  The unit is solidly built with a weight capacity of 600lbs, adaptable to any height and body type.

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  • Powered Spreadable base
  • 2 locking casters
  • Powered adjustment of kneepads
  • Powered raising aid
  • 5 footplate height adjustments
  • Additional backup controls
  • IBS Powerpack battery 24V 2,9 Ah incl. charger
  • Lifting capacity 600 lbs